How to Mini Twists on Natural Hair


Hi and welcome back.

Here’s a short video on how I do my mini twists I hope you enjoy it and that it will be helpful in your journey.

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Yummy Vegan Oats plus Nuts

bowl of yummy oats

Hey! Happy New Month my dear friends! December is here which means we have less than 31 days to accomplish our targets for the year. How am I, is a good question to ask. Onto the real deal, shall we?

Initially, I was going to make this story an instagram post until I figured it’d be too long. That’s how it became a blog post. If you read my post on Fluffy Pancakes where I explained my transition to Vegan Lifestyle (fifty fifty transition lol) you’d know my super vegan mom, Katrina Victoria, of For a while, I’ve been wanting to ask her about what she kinds of meals gives her son to ensure that he eats a well balanced diet. I shoved off the idea thinking I’d be too much on her face and no one wants to be too much on someone’s space – I don’t. 

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How to Wash Natural Hair at Home – do it yourself


Hello lovelies!

At first, the thought of washing your hair at home would be quite bizarre but once you do it you realize its a breeze. That’s what we are talking about in this new video. Watch it down below.

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How to Put together a Birthday Outfit


As the title suggests, it’s all about putting together the birthday outfit. Well, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on the actual day but it was the outfit I had in mind for my birthday hence the name. You’ve seen those pretty skirts online, and wondered how they could get to you? I did too. In fact there was a time I was so close to getting one. The tricky bit was, what if the fitting wasn’t that good for me. Then on, I was determined to have one custom made for me.

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3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s

lessons learnt in my twenties

Hey’al. How is the weekend loading! I hope it is as good as mine or better. Do people still celebrate birthdays? Like in the real world? Idk but I do. My family and I are definitely in the celebration mood after our little champ turned one and I turned…what age again? Ooops! Never mind! I am definitely in a better space right now since my last birthday I spent at the hospital and my doctor was so kind to come wish me a happy birthday. I was touched, but I was happier I got to hold the little guy in my arms. 

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3 Things to Do in Mombasa

travel to mombasa, mombasa beach

Hello lovelies! In this video, I filmed three things you can do when you are touring Mombasa city in Kenya. The place is beautiful and is a perfect destination for either a short or long holiday. I hope you enjoy and have fun when you visit.

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3 Easy Hairstyles for Traveling

natural hairstyles

Hello lovelies! I hope you are fine and dandy. The other day I went for a short trip and when I came back I was like I could show you guys the hairstyles I did when I was traveling. These are so easy anyone can hack them. 

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Get on a Challenge with Us | November

sweet love

I’m so excited about this month and I have a good feeling that it’s gonna be a fantastic one. The other day my main person told me of his goal and challenge for this starting month and I was so impressed. It always feels so good when your loved one makes decisions to improve their lives, could be health, fitness, career whichever area. I always try and be supportive, regardless of what my opinions would be at the time. I was so impressed and happy that it made me embark on my own challenge, not one but several. That’s how it goes when you have a lifetime partner, they uplift you in every way. Isn’t it amazing!

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How to Save on Diapers

a bunch of diapers

If you’ve ever been interested in calculating how much you spend on diapers in a month, you’d be amazed. Multiply that by twelve to make it your expenditure on diapers per year. It’s almost millions which means you are rich. I realized that too. Then I thought I could actually find a way to cut down my diaper costs. Here’s how you can cut your costs too.

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Roast Pumpkin with Sesame and Cheese + Bonus Soup


I had a big pumpkin sitting in my pantry which I thought the little guy would enjoy, until I realized he didn’t want much of it. So I looked for a pumpkin recipe to cook. I stumbled upon one and I decided to adjust it to my liking. Want to know more? Read on.

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