My Natural Hair Products Stash | Kenyan

Hey guys! Today I am showing you all the products that I use for my natural hair. Information about what the products are for is included. Feel free to go through my YouTube videos on how I use these products from washing my hair to styling e.t.c.

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One Year of Blogging + chit chat!

I totally forgot or rather I was too busy with my super active toddler that my blog anniversary passed un-announced. I wrote my very first blog post (you can view it here) on February 1st after months of thinking and soul searching. I finally decided I wanted to blog again. 

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Love day hairstyle | Flat Twist Out using Shea by Asals Shea Butter

Hey! Here’s my last minute hairstyle that I achieved using my favorite butter by Shea by Asal. It’s simple and easy. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – 3Ways | Collab 3 countries

deo where my friends and I are showing you three ways to achieve stretched hair all without heat. Watch and be informed!

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Do It Yourself: Deep Conditioner – moisturising and strengthening

Hello Lovelies. I’ve been experimenting with a few natural goodies for natural hair and I love the results with this DIY deep conditioner sqajr78. Go try it out, you’ll be impressed.

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How to Avoid Dry Hair after Washing Natural Hair

Hello! I often get this question that, what should I do after I wash my hair to keep it from drying out? In this video I’m showing you what I do to avoid dealing with dry hair after washing it.

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My Signature Bun

signature bun

Hello lovelies, my favorite bun look has to be the most requested. I wore this hairstyle the past weekend and I couldn’t help all the amazing comments you all had, my favorite one was “Is that your hair or…” you’ll find out in this video. I finally recorded the whole process and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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Why a Wedding is the perfect place to meet your happily ever after

wedding perfect

Weddings are known for joyful moods, colorful and pretty decorations not to mention most people are usually at their best mood. Reminiscing and thinking about how marriage or love life is like gives you a high chance of hitting the jackpot with the partner of your dreams. Read on!

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The “Look Young” hairstyle tutorial

Hello lovelies!

I wore this hairstyle the other day and everyone was like, you look young, small so I think it’s safe to say this hairstyle will make you look younger. Watch the video and enjoy.

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Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work

It’s funny how when I sat to think about how long it has been since we got married it felt like too long. I was certain that we hadn’t hit the five years mark so my mind decided to award four years. Four years? It sounded too short until I actually calculated and it turns out we’ve been married for two years only. Maan! That was too hard to believe because in my mind we have been in marriage for almost a decade. Probably because we spend so much time together, we’ve learnt lots of good and challenging lessons and we are up for more.

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