6 Months Hairversary: The Big Reveal!!

Hello and welcome back to my little space where I document my personal journey in hopes that it will inspire you to do more and be more passionate about what you do in life.

I am grateful for life and how far we’ve come, August has been quite eventful thus enabling me to share with you, my 6 months natural hair progress. Precisely, my husband and I had a humbling opportunity to be the best couple for some amazing sweethearts. I kept thinking what style I’d put for the big day. A natural hairstyle was the obvious pick for me, which I had already sampled a few hairstyles for the day. Few weeks to the wedding, I changed my mind and decided to straighten my hair instead. I was quite nervous because, it was a huge decision. As always, my husband encouraged me to follow my heart and I did.

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Let’s talk about Ruth (critical lesson)

The other day we were reading and meditating about Ruth, the moabitess, it was so deep that, I drifted several times thinking about how we overlook the little things. Her story is so inspiring that you wouldn’t miss one or two people with the name. But then it hit me, do we really understand the meaning of these names, the tremendous responsibility in terms of character and how we ought to carry ourselves. Not only because we hold these grandiose titles in form of birth names but by the ultimate title of ‘the bride of Christ’. The story of Ruth is a type of the gentile bride as taught by the prophet of Malachi 4. Enough about setting a background let’s get right into it.

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