A Pop of Pink

Hello lovely people! I’ve been wanting to put up this kind of post for a while now, in my modesty section, which I’ve seriously neglected but I am changing this from today. Modesty is a personal choice and lifestyle where you decide to consciously conceal your body not like hiding but revealing your dignity. It is so important and I cannot stress enough how every lady has a responsibility to take great care of her appearance.

So the other day, I had to get this shoot on so I can post a few photos here on the blog I hope you enjoy!

Skirt and shoes – Mr Price

My hairstyle for the day was the famous flat twist. I loved it!
In love with nature 🙂 I love how my hair was curly here…One month down: no heat, no comb.
Here I was all like “Did you see my shoes?” 🙂


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