Do It Yourself: Deep Conditioner – moisturising and strengthening

Hello Lovelies. I’ve been experimenting with a few natural goodies for natural hair and I love the results with this DIY deep conditioner sqajr78. Go try it out, you’ll be impressed.

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How to Avoid Dry Hair after Washing Natural Hair

Hello! I often get this question that, what should I do after I wash my hair to keep it from drying out? In this video I’m showing you what I do to avoid dealing with dry hair after washing it.

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My Signature Bun

signature bun

Hello lovelies, my favorite bun look has to be the most requested. I wore this hairstyle the past weekend and I couldn’t help all the amazing comments you all had, my favorite one was “Is that your hair or…” you’ll find out in this video. I finally recorded the whole process and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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African Print LookBook Reloaded

Hey there and welcome to 2017! I know it’s been nine days already but it still feels new, right! What are your resolutions that you want to achieve come rain or shine? somebody asked. I thought it was sweet but all I know is I want to achieve everything I have in my list. Too ambitious? No honey, that’s how successful people roll and I want to be one of them, I don’t know about you…food for thought. Down to this lovely outfit that I put together for the first day of 2017.

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African Print Look Book | Graduation Outfit

I thought my graduation African print look was cute so here are more pictures on the look. I hope the outfit inspires your next outfit. Have a great week.

Top: Old closet piece (thrifted)

Skirt – custom made

Shoes Р Backyard shoes

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Graduation Celebration plus What to Do After

The excitement of graduation is real but what’s more is what to do after the graduation. It has been a wonderful time going class and learning as much as we could and we are definitely grateful for how far we’ve come. My friends Jerry and Grace graduated the other day and I couldn’t be happier for them. Congratulations to them. I graduated too. Well, I didn’t wear a gown because it wasn’t necessary but it felt the same as I felt when I graduated from campus. The course was so enjoyable, I wished it was longer.

I am in that space too, now that you are done with books what next. Here are a few pointers that will get you ahead.

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How to Put together a Birthday Outfit

As the title suggests, it’s all about putting together the birthday outfit. Well, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on the actual day but it was the outfit I had in mind for my birthday hence the name. You’ve seen those pretty skirts online, and wondered how they could get to you? I did too. In fact there was a time I was so close to getting one. The tricky bit was, what if the fitting wasn’t that good for me. Then on, I was determined to have one custom made for me.

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3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s

lessons learnt in my twenties

Hey’al. How is the weekend loading! I hope it is as good as mine or better. Do people still celebrate birthdays? Like in the real world? Idk but I do. My family and I are definitely in the celebration mood after our little champ turned one and I turned…what age again? Ooops! Never mind! I am definitely in a better space right now since my last birthday I spent at the hospital and my doctor was so kind to come wish me a happy birthday. I was touched, but I was happier I got to hold the little guy in my arms.¬†

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3 Easy Hairstyles for Traveling

natural hairstyles

Hello lovelies! I hope you are fine and dandy. The other day I went for a short trip and when I came back I was like I could show you guys the hairstyles I did when I was traveling. These are so easy anyone can hack them. 

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Get on a Challenge with Us | November

sweet love

I’m so excited about this month and I have a good feeling that it’s gonna be a fantastic one. The other day my main person told me of his goal and challenge for this starting month and I was so impressed. It always feels so good when your loved one makes decisions to improve their lives, could be health, fitness, career whichever area. I always try and be supportive, regardless of what my opinions would be at the time. I was so impressed and happy that it made me embark on my own challenge, not one but several. That’s how it goes when you have a lifetime partner, they uplift you in every way. Isn’t it amazing!

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