Rocking an African Print Dress

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Heey! How are y’all doing? Where do we start? We can start right here and say we took a holiday and enjoyed it to the fullest. Explored some fun activities in the tropics and now we are back to life as usual, super-charged for the days ahead. All the best to you too!

When my tailor suggested that I could make an african print dress this time, I gave her all possible excuses not to but she convinced me to find a design that suits me and that I’d love the results. I did and when the dress was ready I couldn’t believe it.

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A Floral Affair

The weekend that was as busy as a bee and as exciting as… Here’s my OOTD which has been so long coming but now that it’s finally here let’s talk about it shall we?

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African Print LookBook Reloaded

Hey there and welcome to 2017! I know it’s been nine days already but it still feels new, right! What are your resolutions that you want to achieve come rain or shine? somebody asked. I thought it was sweet but all I know is I want to achieve everything I have in my list. Too ambitious? No honey, that’s how successful people roll and I want to be one of them, I don’t know about you…food for thought. Down to this lovely outfit that I put together for the first day of 2017.

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African Print Look Book | Graduation Outfit

I thought my graduation African print look was cute so here are more pictures on the look. I hope the outfit inspires your next outfit. Have a great week.

Top: Old closet piece (thrifted)

Skirt – custom made

Shoes –  Backyard shoes

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How to Put together a Birthday Outfit

As the title suggests, it’s all about putting together the birthday outfit. Well, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on the actual day but it was the outfit I had in mind for my birthday hence the name. You’ve seen those pretty skirts online, and wondered how they could get to you? I did too. In fact there was a time I was so close to getting one. The tricky bit was, what if the fitting wasn’t that good for me. Then on, I was determined to have one custom made for me.

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African Print Look Book

A few years back, if you mentioned african print or “kitenge” as the locals call it, it wouldn’t stir me at all. Infact, I always associated the african print style with aged people, my grandmother used to love them, my mum not so much but nowadays it seems that it’s her favorite style. When my close friend asked me whether I am interested in making an african print outfit, I was like, “Girl, that wouldn’t work”. I hadn’t owned any african inspired piece prior to that question and I wasn’t sure I was going to change. Since she had many cute pieces of her own, she managed to convince me to get the fabric for myself and for my mum too.

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The Office Look

Lately, I’ve been trying to wonder how it would have been, if I was going back to work after having our little one. I’ve never felt that stressful just thinking about something. The thought of leaving my little munchkin is beyond any explanation I could give. But then again, I thought of how pretty it’d probably be, dressing up and stepping out of the door in a suit or something instead of being in pj’s all day. Don’t get me wrong, I always try and dress up even if I ain’t going nowhere, but there are those days where you just wish you had a nanny and stay in bed all day, those days. 

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Simple in Neutrals

I love neutral pieces mainly because, I can easily mix and match patterns without feeling like my outfit is too busy or the to say the least, overdressed. I don’t know if I am the only one who’s been doing rounds on the neutrals simply because you didn’t have enough time to plan your outfits prior to going out. That’s basically the life of a mom with a busy schedule. Pop into the closet, pick a basic neutral piece like a skirt or top and find other pieces that could go with it and you are done. Try it, in two minutes you will be out of the house. 

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6 Months Hairversary: The Big Reveal!!

Hello and welcome back to my little space where I document my personal journey in hopes that it will inspire you to do more and be more passionate about what you do in life.

I am grateful for life and how far we’ve come, August has been quite eventful thus enabling me to share with you, my 6 months natural hair progress. Precisely, my husband and I had a humbling opportunity to be the best couple for some amazing sweethearts. I kept thinking what style I’d put for the big day. A natural hairstyle was the obvious pick for me, which I had already sampled a few hairstyles for the day. Few weeks to the wedding, I changed my mind and decided to straighten my hair instead. I was quite nervous because, it was a huge decision. As always, my husband encouraged me to follow my heart and I did.

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Blue Favorites

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s been a while and I feel like welcoming you all over again. It has been quite eventful for me but I am thankful that, I had some spare time to catch up with you guys. How is it going on your side? I hope it is all good.

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