He said that he wanted us to watch a movie, I looked at him so as to say, “you gotta be kidding”. Turns out he was pretty much serious. I was still skeptical even as he was busy setting up and all. Why? We don’t usually watch movies for leisure only for specific reasons, mostly for a good lesson. For me, It was quite a journey before I got there, but I did. Want to know how? Read on.

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Hey! It’s kitchen time, are you ready? Who me? I was born ready. Being a sweet tooth mama is very cool and enjoyable for the kids until they get cavities. My mum loved baking, I believe she still does, only that her sweet little girls (even the boys) succeeded her in the baking game. I wasn’t that much of a baking fan, mostly I would gladly devour what my siblings had made. I hopped into the baking bandwagon after I got married (you gotta spoil the guy man!). See getting married has to be the best thing that happened to anyone, I am a tried and true testimonial guys.

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I’d wake up in the middle of the night and always find him in the sitting room. Tucked in his favorite sweater, sweet slippers and his eyes glued on his ipad. What time does he sleep anyway? I wondered and never confident enough to ask. After dinner we always had family time where we would all sit in the living room listening to each other’s stories. Whether bored or not most times I found myself grasping the couch with my little arms trying not to fall off. Yes, at that time my eyes are heavy with sleep I can almost peep into the dreamland window.

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I’ve always wanted to be the best wife I mean the most supportive one. The number one fan and cheerleader of my prince charming. I figured to do that I had to come up with small habits to help me gear towards my goal. On that note I always try my best to celebrate him whenever he achieves or even when he fails to achieve (he rarely does but well). This time round I surprised him with a self made pizza (my own recipe, teren teren). I wasn’t sure how it would come out but I was sure he would love it!

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my breakfast plus sweet omelette

So I am up working through my daily routine then my sweet prince charming offers to make breakfast for me. That had to be the sweetest thing I heard today. With a broad smile on my little face and feeling guilty about it (he still goes to work after that and I stay at home) I accept the generous offer. Cause he is so much of a chef, he lists the items he wants to use (sometimes his sweet little wife is picky) I am like yeh!

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follow your dream

If you are anything like me, you would know it’s never that easy. Yes! That one thing that you wish you had, a boyfriend. Throughout primary school, high school even campus I’d watch my fellow girls hanging out with their so called boyfriends not knowing what it meant to be one.

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Have you ever thought about something so profoundly that you felt like walking into space? I have. My thoughts about setting up this blog have been lingering in my mind for so long now such that I had to go ahead and make it happen. Now that I am back to work after my five months or so maternity leave I am super charged.

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