Rocking an African Print Dress

african print dress, kenyan fashion blogger

Heey! How are y’all doing? Where do we start? We can start right here and say we took a holiday and enjoyed it to the fullest. Explored some fun activities in the tropics and now we are back to life as usual, super-charged for the days ahead. All the best to you too!

When my tailor suggested that I could make an african print dress this time, I gave her all possible excuses not to but she convinced me to find a design that suits me and that I’d love the results. I did and when the dress was ready I couldn’t believe it.

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The Hairitage Chronicles Vlog

We had lots of fun hanging out and shopping. It was just awesome. Watch to have a glimpse of the fun!

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My Natural Hair Journey Update

Hi lovelies, here are my highlights and goals for the new year and a few tips to help you start your natural hair journey and stay at it.

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The Top Knot Messy Bun

I wanted to try out this style once I straightened my hair and when I did, I love the results. Watch the video and enjoy!

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My Posh Palace Experience | Straightening my Natural Hair

I finally got to try out Posh Palace Kenya which everyone has been raving about. I went there to straighten my Natural hair in celebration of the first year in my natural hair Journey. I am super excited. I loved the excellent service not to mention the stunning interior – that place is so cool. Here’s the footage that I recorded there. ps: don’t mind my shyness haha.

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My Natural Hair Journey | First Year | Big Reveal

It’s been a long one coming and I am super excited about it. March is my magic month because I get to know how far I am in my natural hair journey in terms of length and strength if that makes sense. The experience has been fantastic that I am already looking forward to the next one. Exciting!!! read more…

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Love day hairstyle | Flat Twist Out using Shea by Asals Shea Butter

Hey! Here’s my last minute hairstyle that I achieved using my favorite butter by Shea by Asal. It’s simple and easy. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Do It Yourself: Deep Conditioner – moisturising and strengthening

Hello Lovelies. I’ve been experimenting with a few natural goodies for natural hair and I love the results with this DIY deep conditioner sqajr78. Go try it out, you’ll be impressed.

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How to Avoid Dry Hair after Washing Natural Hair

Hello! I often get this question that, what should I do after I wash my hair to keep it from drying out? In this video I’m showing you what I do to avoid dealing with dry hair after washing it.

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My Signature Bun

signature bun

Hello lovelies, my favorite bun look has to be the most requested. I wore this hairstyle the past weekend and I couldn’t help all the amazing comments you all had, my favorite one was “Is that your hair or…” you’ll find out in this video. I finally recorded the whole process and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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